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In a world filled with medical skepticism and people suffering from medical errors, and the high cost of medical procedures in the absence of a good insurance plan, BALSAM is dedicated to helping people avoid the tedious  process of discovering illnesses and find an unbiased medical opinion in an affordable price to assure the right track of their recovery.

Our choice of the company’s name sums up the main objectives of establishing BALSAM.

As a patient advocate, BALSAM aims to define the following axes:

  1.  Accurate and unbiased medical diagnosis.
  2. Prevention and early detection of critical illnesses.
  3. Health coaching and lifestyle awareness.

“Inaccurate medical diagnosis along with inappropriate, delayed or unnecessary treatment is responsible for more than half a million casualties worldwide“ according to a report compiled by the Institute of Medicine (IOM).

Balsam identifies the huge shortage in specialized medical centers that provide proper diagnosis and advanced treatment in some countries of the region where patients are struggling to get an advanced medical service and not having access to clinical based research. Getting a second medical opinion, from Balsam’s international network of healthcare partners, ensures that best health service and accurate diagnosis are delivered

Our Services

International Second Medical Opinion

Correct case interpretation will put you on the track to find the best treatment plan in a timely manner, helping you avoid unnecessary and costly medical treatments and procedures.

Cancer Detection - hPG80

A very accurate blood test detects most cancer cells’ growth early when it is still easy to ensure a fast recovery. This ECS-Progastrin test is CE-IVD approved in Europe and under the RUO label in the USA.

Executive Check-up

As part of preventive healthcare, BALSAM offers special check-up packages for its clients in top-notch medical centers in UAE.


We store your radiology images for ten years, instant access wherever and whenever. This tool helps your doctor see all your medical history and use the diagnostic tools of the system to asses high resolution images, allowing an instant, accurate decision by comparing past to present images. This tool is FDA approved and is compliant with HIPAA standards of security and safety of patients.

Local Discounts

BALSAM members benefit from significant discounts in our local network in UAE, this allows our members to secure good offers from discounts on medical and health services that insurance may not cover, like dentistry, cosmetics, fitness, and much more.

International Discounts

We are partnered with highly experienced health service providers across the world to connect our members with the best hospitals worldwide.

Medical Travel

BALSAM members are connected with 2000+ top ranked hospitals in 58 countries like USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey and India, including 360 concierge services.

Patients' Testimonials

The Family package I have with Balsam is just amazing! My whole family is secure now. I have used it to have my Hollywood smile in one of the clinics; I can confidently rate the service 5 stars as I was treated as VIP because of my Membership and the job was done very professionally.
Marina Karmanova
Marina Karmanova
Absolutely love it! Specially salons and beauty centers with have great discounts. Plus feel secure about my health as my insurance doesn't provide the services which Balsam Network cards do! Recommend if you care about your health and beauty :)))
Amena Kabbani
Amena Kabbani
Interior Architect
I used my Balsam Card in ECL Laboratories and made full check up and they offer to me a huge discount which is much cheaper than doing it in the Hospitals or Clinics. Thanks to balsam they save my money.

Bechir Debbabi
Bechir Debbabi
Commercial Manager