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About Balsam

Unleashing access to the entrenched leaders of the healthcare sector around the world, BALSAM was launched in 2014 making the world a small village for its clients. Our basic aim is to avail top-notch healthcare service to everyone and enable our clients to easily access authentic, non-commercial diagnoses and treatment plans at affordable prices through our local and international networks.

BALSAM fully-integrated a healthcare network that implements the latest technologies, to connect its clients with a comprehensive network of medical and health institutions worldwide. As a patient centric company, BALSAM promises precise diagnosis, cutting edge treatment and significant discounts on services that are not covered by most insurance premiums.

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To become a leading healthcare service provider in the region and broaden reach internationally.


To improve the medical situation in MENA region and CIS countries by leveraging cutting-edge technology and providing access to top-notch health and wellness services