Balsam and ARJ Partnership

Balsam Health Services and ARJ Holding today announced the establishment of a joint venture to redefine the health services experience for millions of consumers both residing locally and tr

aveling around the Arab world.


The joint venture will leverage ARJ Holdings global portfolio of brands and unparalleled expertise to revolutionize the Health Services experience as well as Balsams role as an established second

ARJ Holding Logo

opinion service provider for international and regional consumers. The Joint Venture will aim to reach over 50,000

monthly active users across its platforms. Drawing on resources from both Balsam and ARJ, the joint venture will manage Balsams operations and will also market directly to ARJ’s customer base.

As expenses rise, the regions middle class is looking for higher quality health care. This new venture is designed to satisfy consumers’ expectations for seamless, integrated, personalized, and convenient Healthcare solutions that connect consumers directly to Harvard Medical School’s portfolio of international affiliated hospitals. The healthcare and prevention industry is an important growth opportunity.

The joint venture will elevate the healthcare experience for consumers in the following ways:

  • Provide the best medical second opinion in the world by HMS affiliated hospitals
  • The joint venture will leverage technology to curate customized experiences for patients and consumers to gain the best health solutions possible within the region
  • Allow consumers to have access to the best practitioners in the region they are from/traveling to. Evacuation, healthcare support, call centers, are just some of the ideas that they can access
  • Access our vast medical network and discount packages to save time and money for any critical illnesses.

In addition, in celebration of this joint venture, ARJ and Balsam would like to welcome you to join us in providing the best medical services.