e-Personal Health Records

A one-click service that can save your life.

BALSAM has developed a unique software that is simple and easy to use to help people collect and build their medical records and have them handy anywhere and anytime.
Subscribers can securely build their personal e-Personal Health Record on the interactive portal by simply registering with a username and a password. Users may easily upload their latest medical test results, radiology images and even inquire about symptoms, medications or surgeries.

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Who can benefit from this service?

Almost everyone can make use of this service, especially patients of chronic illnesses (such as renal failure, diabetes, tumors, hypertension, heart disease, etc.), the elderly and their caregivers. 
Once a patients or his/her caregivers register for a medical record, they can complete their account information and upload their treatment data ( medicines, reports, medical test results, scans etc.) Information can be retrieved anytime and anywhere.

Featuring e-Patient Health Report Offered by BALSAM:

  • Offline and categorized data.
  • Reminders of periodic appointments for checkups in your preferred language.
  • Newsfeed for recent researches and articles of similar cases.
  • Unlimited virtual space for uploading and saving medical data and history.
  • Newborns service to save data of individuals from the day they are born.
  • Feasibility of access.
  • Synchronizing patients’ sugar and blood pressure log.