Health Coaching and Awareness

Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Management Program:

Balsam Health Services is helping to pioneer the way members manage and keep up to date with their lifestyle by informing, educating, and monitoring critical aspects of their wellness plans. We are also their direct chronic disease (diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc…) members to the right resources by providing numerous options to actively enrich their lifestyle choices through our packages below.

Information Packages:

Education site

Diabetes/ Diabetes Prevention

• Around 100 online self-service multimedia education resources for people with diabetes or at risk of diabetes in English and Arabic (with language switcher)

• Around 90 non-English/ non-Arabic resources (e.g., Somali, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Urdu, French, Cantonese, etc.)

• Advanced Search function – Coming Soon

Content will be extended to cover people with a wider range of chronic diseases/ at risk of chronic disease (and carers/ family)

Education Packages:


Information Package & Online Moderated E-learning Education Courses for People with Chronic Diseases/ at risk of Chronic Disease.

• Accredited Structured Education (eLearning) courses for Type 2 Diabetes (English/ Arabic)

• 9 other courses for people with Type 1 diabetes, gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy), and for people at risk of diabetes (diabetes prevention) (all in English.. Arabic in development)

All courses include interactive content, quizzes, and completion certification. Patients can self-refer/ join. The courses can be completed on laptops, tablets, or smartphones. All courses also offer peer support elements through moderated comments/ discussion boards. Resources and courses are subject to continual review so that content may be added or updated over time in agreement with the customer. Courses are continually updated according to the latest guidance, and additional courses may be added over time.

Health Coaching and Awareness