Medical Travel

Medical Travel

Balsam membership offers a wide network of top hospitals in the USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, India, and Turkey for Medical Travel Treatment

Discounted in patient and out-patient services a network of more than 1470 hospitals in 58 countries

360ºconcierge services by MEDIGO

Balsam has corporated with Medigo to assist people in seeking innovative treatments for rare conditions as well as finding affordable options for expats or patients who want to get treatment fast. Here’s how we help:


  • Providing insights on the healthcare market globally – for example which countries offer which innovative cancer therapies
  • Collecting treatment plans with cost quotes from different providers
  • Appointment booking and assistance with travel logistics
  • We have a database of healthcare costs across the globe plus expert knowledge in the requirements for admission to different hospitals and any other important considerations you might not have thought of.
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Concierge Service Fees


AED 4,900


AED 3,920


AED 1,960


AED 1,470

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