Teleradiology Services

What is Tele-Radiology Services?


Balsam has solved the issue of losing your medical records and radio images by providing a teleradiology solution. By storing your radiology images securely while giving you immediate access and shareability with any doctor in the world.


  •  Store All types of radiology images on a handy personal account – For 10 years.
  • Access to your images anytime/anywhere
  • Share radiology images with any Doctor/Hospital around the world instantly.
  • The system diagnostic tools helps your remote doctors make accurate medical decisions about your case.
  • Compare previous and recent images and confirm an accurate analysis of illness progression and the  appropriate treatment plan
  • View and share your radiology images with standardized medical resolution – DICOM compliant.
  • FDA approved as a diagnostic tool
  • HIPAA compliant to assure medical record security and privacy.