Why Balsam Membership?

BALSAM realizes how people (medically insured or uninsured) are becoming victims of a commercial medical opinion and that accurate treatment has become difficult for most patients suffering from critical cases.

Most insurance premiums do not cover all medical and health services, especially when it comes to dentistry, eye care, cosmetology, nutrition, and more.

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Becoming a BALSAM member solves this dilemma for you!

As soon as you become a BALSAM member, and by choosing a convenient package for you or the whole family, you will automatically get the following benefits:

1. Second Medical Opinion

Balsam Members benefit discounts on medical second opinion to receive a comprehensive consultation and treatment plan from top providers in the world wide.

This second opinion you will receive about your case is 100% unbiased and will assure you that you are on the path of recovery.

Balsam avails this service from top-ranked hospitals worldwide. Click Here to navigate to our second opinion network of hospitals.

2. Cancer Screening – hPG80

Individuals with a high risk of developing cancer will benefit from hPG80 blood test, which is used as a diagnostic aid in cancer suspicion and monitoring, as elevated hPG80 levels are associated with cancer cell activity. 

3-Executive Checkup Packages

Balsam members benefit comprehensive Executive Checkup Packages from the best medical providers in UAE

4. Teleradiology Services

Becoming a Balsam member, you get instant access to your uploaded radiology images from everywhere. Our teleradiology tools help your doctor see all your medical history and use the diagnosis tools of the system to see high-res images, giving him the chance to make an instant, accurate decision by comparing past with present images

5. Local Medical Discounts

As a member , you can discover amazing Health, Wellness & Beauty Discounts that insurance may not cover, such as dentistry, eye care, cosmetology, nutrition, and more. BALSAM has chosen for you the best destinations of providers from our local networks in the region to suit all needs and budgets. Click Here to our local medical network.

6. International Medical Discounts

BALSAM membership extends its value to serve you internationally by becoming your health companion and advisory and providing discounts in all the countries of operation. Through our international medical network, members benefit up to 30% discount on both in patient and out-patient services; through 1,470 top ranked hospitals in 58 countries including USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, India…etc.
This service includes 360º concierge services. Click Here to navigate our international medical network.

7. Medical Travel

Global Medical Travel Service Balsam members are connected  with 1470  top-ranked hospitals in 58 Countries the USA, Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and India. 

This service includes  360º concierge services. Click Here to navigate our medical travel network

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Patients' Testimonials

As a BALSAM Gold member, I could have 50% off at the dentist, 40% at the gym, and free dermatology checkup. Later on, I became addicted to using this card, and I was addicted to its benefits everywhere. Three months later, I decided to upgrade to the Family Platinum bundle cause my husband found many attractive deals for gym and fitness too. As I calculated our savings by the end of the year, I knew that I had received much more than I had paid.

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Samer Al Mazroi
I didn’t even know that I would ever need to consider a second opinion until I was diagnosed with skin cancer. It was a decision made by my doctor and my family. They wanted to make sure of the diagnosis and my treatment options. We approached BALSAM for a second medical opinion from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. I can’t thank them enough for the accurate report. They changed my life when they requested redoing the biopsy and discovered it was just a skin allergy.

Ruby Kseiri
Ruby Kseiri
Reading many articles, I had always worried about the dangers of a mammogram. However, it was one part of my annual checkup routine after 40. When I saw the ad for hPG80 cancer early detection blood test, I was delighted to find a safe alternative to avoid the risks of radiation coming from a mammogram. I have a family history of cancer, and this test detects breast cancer cells and more than 16 types in a very early stage. I am confident now that in case I have an abnormal growth of cells in my body, it will be detected in a phase when complete recovery is possible.
Rasha Shehadeh
Rasha Shehadeh